I luv it

This morning I woke up with a bit of the Cap’ns Crunch smashed into my pillow.  I thought to myself – “Let’s eat healthy today”.

So, I had the McDonald’s egg n’ cheese biscuit instead of the sausage egg n’ cheese biscuit.

At work some guy told me that there was some study done a couple of years ago that said Taco Bell, and White Castle are actually the most healthy fast food you can buy.

Done and done.  Lunch and dinner right there.

And I checked, neither were even in the top 20 of any of the studies I read about off Google.  But, I really don’t care.  I know fast food is “Nasty”.  It is “bad for me” for sure.  It is certainly not a place I am going for “atmosphere”.  Today I ate at White Castle while a transvestite (or a very unfortunate looking lady) yelled at someone on his/her cell phone.

It’s just so tasty: fries, burgers, fried chicken in various forms.  I can’t get enough.  I’m going to Texas to see Jordan again in a couple weeks, and I’m not leaving with out visits to Whattaburger and Jack in the Box.  WE DON’T HAVE THEM IN NY.

Anyway, I washed down my White Castle Doubles with a pot brownie, so this whole writing thing is starting t bug me out…


My Calories for the day:

McDonald’s – Sausage egg n’ cheese biscuit (ok, I lied)  570C. Hash Brown 150C

Taco bell – 3 chicken Chalupas 1,080C – 20oz Diet Pepsi (diet!) 2.6C

**Side note: a 20oz regular Pepsi 226C, so apparently getting a Diet does make a difference.

White Castle – 4 Double Sliders 1,000C, 1 Chicken Ring Sandwich w/Cheese 198C, Regular Fries 398, Medium Ice Tea 244C

That adds up to 3,642.6 calories.  Some calorie counter I found off google said a man my age/height/weight needs about 3,300C a day to not gain weight.  So, not so bad!


One Response to I luv it

  1. Jordan says:

    You poor thing. You don’t even know what you’re in for. Whataburger is the best in the land, no competition, and J&B ain’t far behind. You will never look at fast food the same way again, I promise. AND CHUYS!! Not fast food, but still worth a mention since they are awesome.

    WHATABURGER! Good lord, just thinking about them makes me want to reconsider vegetarianism.

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