I luv it

October 15, 2009

This morning I woke up with a bit of the Cap’ns Crunch smashed into my pillow.  I thought to myself – “Let’s eat healthy today”.

So, I had the McDonald’s egg n’ cheese biscuit instead of the sausage egg n’ cheese biscuit.

At work some guy told me that there was some study done a couple of years ago that said Taco Bell, and White Castle are actually the most healthy fast food you can buy.

Done and done.  Lunch and dinner right there.

And I checked, neither were even in the top 20 of any of the studies I read about off Google.  But, I really don’t care.  I know fast food is “Nasty”.  It is “bad for me” for sure.  It is certainly not a place I am going for “atmosphere”.  Today I ate at White Castle while a transvestite (or a very unfortunate looking lady) yelled at someone on his/her cell phone.

It’s just so tasty: fries, burgers, fried chicken in various forms.  I can’t get enough.  I’m going to Texas to see Jordan again in a couple weeks, and I’m not leaving with out visits to Whattaburger and Jack in the Box.  WE DON’T HAVE THEM IN NY.

Anyway, I washed down my White Castle Doubles with a pot brownie, so this whole writing thing is starting t bug me out…


My Calories for the day:

McDonald’s – Sausage egg n’ cheese biscuit (ok, I lied)  570C. Hash Brown 150C

Taco bell – 3 chicken Chalupas 1,080C – 20oz Diet Pepsi (diet!) 2.6C

**Side note: a 20oz regular Pepsi 226C, so apparently getting a Diet does make a difference.

White Castle – 4 Double Sliders 1,000C, 1 Chicken Ring Sandwich w/Cheese 198C, Regular Fries 398, Medium Ice Tea 244C

That adds up to 3,642.6 calories.  Some calorie counter I found off google said a man my age/height/weight needs about 3,300C a day to not gain weight.  So, not so bad!


Radical, Awesome, Excellent!

October 14, 2009

What about tubular?  Where did it go?  I think it’s hiding somewhere in 1987 with Corey Heart.

I’m going to drop a cliched “I’m bringing it back” on Tubular.  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be engaging in some kind of water sport (not that kind pervert) whilst uttering this, but I’m saying it from now on.

This is where I would list the different make believe times I said this word (i.e. awkward boss moment, doctors office, etc,). I’m not creative enough for all that.  Do it in your head.  But make sure to help me bring it back.

You know you wanna say it.  Do it.  Do it somewhere in your normal life, around people who don’t read obscure neglected blogs.  Drop a tubular on someone and I guarantee they give you some kind of smile.

Ad a “dude” or “bro” (even if you’re talking to a girl) if you feel comfortable with that.


It’s so liberating!

You don’t have to yell,  I just happen to be a yeller.