Nerd Alert!

It really annoys me that in the newest addition the the X-Men movie franchise Sabertooth is depicted as Wolverine’s brother.  In the comics it is always silently understood that Sabertooth is his father if anything.

I saw this movie almost a month ago, and it has been eating me up since.  HEY!  HOLLYWOOD COOL GUYS!  You did not get away with this.  I see you.  Consider yourself exposed!

I don’t know why this has been bothering me so much.  There are plenty of discrepancies between the movie series and the comic series, but I feel strongly about this one.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because I’m as furry as these two mutants.  Maybe I feel a common bond to hairy animals, and demand that their stories are depicted truthfully.  Whatever the fuck the reason is tonight I can sleep knowing these big shot movie suits have been called out…


3 Responses to Nerd Alert!

  1. bakingwithplath says:

    Holy shit. You actually blogged.

    I would comment, but I passed out during the first five minutes of watching this movie with you.

    Worst girlfriend ever.

  2. justjp says:

    We should blow up their place for this abomination, just sayin…

  3. jcarter says:


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