I don’t need these!

The night I turned 18 Chris and I ate an 8th of mushrooms each (you know, the wacky kind).  Everyone we were with disappeared, and in good fashion we bugged the fuck out.

Why did I do this?  Is it gonna be like this forever?  Why is my ribcage so squishy?

I could hear every word, spoken by every person on that shitty board walk in Ocean City Md.  The ground was running away from me.  My Camel Special Lights were attached to the pack with crazy glue.  And, I was wearing shoes..

Wait.  That last part is perfectly normal.  Everyone wears shoes.  This is commonplace…

[Chris]  That’s the problem, man!  You don’t need ’em!

[Me] But my mom just bought me these..

I looked down at my eight day old Puma Romas.  They were fucking shiny man.  Bright blue, and fresh.  And, to top it off, they matched my favorite shirt.  A blue York Prep polyester baseball Tshirt.  A $2 thrift store buy that I still have today.

[Me]  They’re nice shoes.

Chris has taken his shoes off.


This is the time when he made a sprint for the ocean, and flung his foot protectors into the Atlantic.

He was running and laughing like a mad man.  What could I do?  I tossed my Pumas into the water.  And, I gotta say- it helped.  It was liberating.

Fucking dumb, cause we spent the rest of the night tripping barefoot in dirty ass O.C.M.D.  But, it helped me grip the trip a little better.  Liberating…

Now, this was gonna be the part of the post where I tied this story into my life today.  You know, some cheesy metaphor about throwing my problems away.  But, reliving that trip really made me want to do mushrooms again.

So, if you’ll excuse me I have to make a phone call.


14 Responses to I don’t need these!

  1. bakingwithplath says:

    somehow I knew this story about Chrs? I dont know Im drunj

  2. lbluca77 says:

    Why am I not surprised he yelled for you to take off your shoes. It could have been worse, he could have said to take off your pants.

  3. i totally used to smoke camel special lights. they still make those right?

  4. Ben says:

    Friends don’t let friends throw away their shoes.

  5. apollocreed says:

    Haha – man, that night and that week are still two of my favorite memories.

    Remember meeting that girl and you were all rapping to her, and I was swaying back and forth and being ridiculous? And I kept asking you what time it was, and every time I did, you’d look at me and calmly say “Are you sure you want to know?” And I’d yell “NO!” and run away? Hahaha! That shit was awesome.

    Then we saw that guy in 7-11 yelling “I’m on the LS joint!”

    And Tassos and Ryan were all worried about us because they thought the shrooms were the most potent they’d ever taken, and we were like, “Uh, we had a fucking blast.”

    AND – remember when we looked at our feet and we had huge blisters all over them, but we never felt a thing?

    One more thing – that guy who threw the bottle at our feet! But I’m pretty sure that didn’t really happen.

  6. justjp says:

    Lol! Nice. Nothin’ better than the beach shroom.

  7. deutlich says:

    gotta love good some good ‘ole nostalgia

  8. No teenage years are complete without a squishy ribcage and a sudden, inexplicable hatred for shoes. Although in my case, I talked to a tree for two hours and then tried to crawl up my friend’s parents’ chimney. This was unwise. I woke up on his neighbour’s back porch.

    This explains everything.

  9. MeaganKate says:

    Once of my shroom trips involved a car ride where I THOUGHT my eyes had become headlights and I was convinced that the gas pedal was stuck to my right toe.

    Good fucking times.

  10. ryan says:

    That was a great night! Actually the whole week was great! Who has the fucking keys!

  11. miss. chief says:

    i recall a lamp “squaring at me” once, i didn’t appreciate it.

  12. Matt says:

    Good times.

  13. Just A Girl says:

    My sister tried to convince me to eat shrooms with her once but I had to go to work, so I was all “Hmm I like being employed, no.” The next day she informed me that I’m never allowed to do any drugs ever. Did I mention she’s my YOUNGER sister? Then again, she’s done them all so I kind of trust her opinion. Plus I really like all my shoes.

  14. This time wear older, cheaper shoes?

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