Toblerone Tuesday

Today was Toblerone Tuesday.

Explanation: For a couple of months the deli in the building i work in has been stocking mini Toblerone candies at the register.  This meant nothing to me at first.  Everyone knows wheat the Toblerone candies are, but no one realizes it.


Mostly you see this shit at airports in big triangle  boxes.

Anyway, this kid that I was training brought some on a Tuesday and said  (in all seriousness) “Toblerone Tuesday bro.”  And it changed my life.  Since  then I’ve had at least one Toblerone treat every Tuesday.  And! I am in the process of locating their head of marketing and sales, because that person needs to know that this is Toblerone, and it’s “Not just for airports anymore”.

Not bad right?

So, I was drunk this whole post.


19 Responses to Toblerone Tuesday

  1. Just a Girl says:

    That’s excellent news. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten one, but I guess I’ll have to get drunk and consider it.

    You will not regret this decision, and there was no harrasment in this comment. Im upset by this.

  2. bwp says:

    This post was fucking awesome, and made way more sense than your drunk text messages. I still don’t know what “matenes” are or why they are in your hands.

    Next Tuesday I’m eating a Toblerone. I swear I will.

    I was drunk this whole comment.

    What?! You don’t like my gadget hands?!

  3. E Chuod says:

    I like that the guy was all matter of fact about it being Toblerone Tuesday. The last line really set it off for me. Nicely done’

    Dude fucked me up with some truth.

  4. lbluca77 says:

    Toblerone reminds me of the Friends episode when Joey eats like a million of them. So yummy.

    I’m on my way to getting drunk this entire comment.

    That’s one of my favorite episodes… I mean I never watch or have watched that show.

  5. Matt says:

    I’ve never seen that candy in my life before this picture.

    and I would try it but I hate chocolate so I’m thinking it would just be a waste of time.

    You don’t like chocolate?! Are you a Nazi, or an alien or something?

  6. apollocreed says:

    My grandmother introduced me to Toblerone a long time ago – that shit is the truth.

    I was sad this whole comment. I’m at work.

    Also, I love how BWP can’t read your texts – hit me up BWP – I’m an expert at decoding his writing.


  7. Toblerones make me think of Christmas, since we were poor and that’s all we got. Like, one bar split among the eight of us kids. Since I hate chocolate (really), all I ever got was new plastic bags to wear on my feet. Shoes are for the rich.

    you know, in Paris everyone wears plastic bags on their feet. Chanel actually just signed a contract w/Safeway Supermarkets to excusivly produce a line of “bag shoes”. you were ahead of your time.

  8. Lemmonex says:

    Matt, have you ever been to an airport? How have you not seen toblerone? You sad boy.

    this comment did not pump my over-inflated ego at all. i guess that is a good thing

  9. brookem says:

    i have trouble pronouncing toblerone. it feels funny to me.

    now i want chocolate. and a cocktail.


  10. Just A Girl says:

    Ok since I forgot to harass you last time, here goes:

    Put your p in my v. Then wiggle around a little bit.

    There you go. Harassment complete. Sexy.

    I’ll wiggle

  11. jcarter says:

    is your next post going to share with the world the phenomenon of ferrero rocher friday’s? good looks from kanootie! next we need him to come up with one for monday- i would say m&m monday’s but they clearly don’t stack up to the deliciousness of toblerone’s or ferrero’s. btw-did i mention that you are really, really, really ridiculously good looking?!

    Yeah, Kanoodle hit the nail on the head w/Tobleron Tues, but i’m not a fan of Ferrero Fris, mostly cause i’m closed minded. Also, I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.

  12. jcarter says:

    maybe you should enroll in the center for kids who can’t read good!

    I’m not an ambi-turner.

  13. jcarter says:

    no, you’re a mer-man, MER-MAN!!

    Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb. You gonna arrest me? Bomb bomb bomb bomb! During the war I was a BOMBadier!
    whoops, wrong movie.

  14. jcarter says:

    tuli what? tuli pooslie loo?

  15. Matt says:

    I like to party.

  16. Hendra says:

    toblerone memang enaakkk. buktinya peminatnya sangat buanyak bgt, sampai penjualan saya salalu naik, setiap bulannya saya selalu dapat insentif. ada yang mau beli hub. 021-97626433. thx

  17. zakir says:

    the test of the chocolate are verry delicious.selected coco
    i like the small packing 200gm /pcs.

    any keep develope the new product

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