This post requires work on your part.

Today I was stuck under ground on a Bronx bound 2 train after another rough day.  While I was waiting for the train to move again I was trying to think of a creative representation of what my brain was going through.  For some twisted reason a scene from this movie I saw like 40 million years ago popped in my head.

The Movie is called The Brood, and if you’ve even heard about it, let alone seen it *pounds*.

It’s some twisted shit.  The real kind of twisted: 70s twisted.  Back then everything wasn’t all sarcastic and snarky.  I don’t even think snarky was a word in the 70s.  It makes for a more honest/scary experience.

So, I’m a weirdo for doing this,  and this is not for the faint of heart and NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but watch from 2min 50 sec to 5min 20 sec on this link. It is the most horrifying 2 1/2 min of film ever made.

That’s how I felt stuck on the 2 train after work today.

P.S. – Pumpkin Seeds…


4 Responses to This post requires work on your part.

  1. lbluca77 says:

    That is probably how I would feel stuck on a train too but not I am scared of little boys.

    yes, well, I am. do not judge.

  2. so yeah i probably would have felt the same way. ahhhhh, i don’t even want to think about being stuck underground.


    It was very scary

  3. apollocreed says:

    That shit was weak. That woman couldn’t fend off a little kid? Bullshit. And toy hammers? Get the fuck out of here. You know how long it would take to actually hurt someone with a toy hammer? Especially when it’s kids hitting with it?

    Little boys are hot.

    Chris doesn’t like things.

  4. So you’re saying this isn’t a normal kindergarten experience? Hmmm. This explains why that man in the white coat kept making me look at pictures of ink blots for the majority of my early elementary education.

    Whatever. Mme. Lajeunesse had it coming.

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