Is FML a cliche?

First off, fuck the accent that’s supposed to go on the ‘e’ in chiche, and fuck you for noticing (if you did not notice *pounds*).  I couldn’t figure out how to type the all important accent.

Anyway, this whole FML this is being over used right?  WHO CARES.  It fits.

Like right now I’m typing this post with one eyeball.  That is because on my walk to the train from work some piece of dirt (aka the Mini Demon Sole of Freddy Kruger) popped into my eye.  So, what did genius JP do???  Rub that eye with a fury.  BRILLIANT!  Now my eye is the color of a tomato, and it is burning like my love for Colt45.

Today was like the FML Prefect Storm.

I woke up at 7:55am.  I need to be at work at the latest 8am.  I called my boss to tell him I was gonna be late.

ME: I’m gonna be late.

BOSS: Is everything ok?

ME: Yes, I overslept because I suck at life.

BOSS: Um, ok. *click*

–*side note* I’m not sure if I’m using the whole *star thingy to describe how/what I’m doing* works, but it’s hella fun and I’ma rock it.

Ok, so then my day resulted in: my worth being questioned, 3k in canceled sales, and the Freddy Kruger thing.


It just feels good to say that for some reason.


My eye hurts.


9 Responses to Is FML a cliche?

  1. Lemmonex says:

    Today I decided to walk the hour and 20 minutes it takes to hoof it to my place from work because, hey, it is beautiful out! Better than the gym!

    True story: I was tortured by some sort of gnat that flew in my eye that I could not blink out the whole fucking walk home. That is what I get for trying to appreciate the great outdoors.

    Of course, perhaps I was being punished for buying another pair of shoes. Who knows.

    I would never be mad at a girl with some fresh kicks.

  2. lbluca77 says:

    It does feel good to say FML. On sunday I had something stuck in my eye for like 3 hours and couldn’t get it out. I had to keep one eye closed. Lesbians thought I was winking at them.

    Did you get any action?

  3. Just a Girl says:

    Interesting. I woke up this morning with my eye all swollen and crusty because my allergies are out of control. I decided I should probably just skip work. It’s apparently an eye-fuck kind of day.

    We should all really just move to the compound. Fornication and beer sound amazing right now.

    Oh, and you make it by pressing alt and then 0233. I took Spanish online. :/

    Where is this magical compound you speak of?

  4. bwp says:

    Try having someone cum in your eye. Just try it.

    Okay this is awkward now. I should go.

    Does cumming in ones own eye count?

    I win awkward contest. I’m stayin!

  5. apollocreed says:

    The FML site is 99% complete bullshit. It might have had some truths on it when it first started, but now it’s just a bunch of people making shit up and posting it there.

    I hate FML. Of course.

  6. pecosa says:

    FML has been a staple in my vocabulary for the past two weeks.

    Sorry to hear about your eye. You should wear an eyepatch and declare today to be pirate day.

  7. justjp says:

    Damn bro, sorry to hear that. FYL.

  8. Matt says:

    I didn’t notice the little accent thing over the e.

    *fist pound*

  9. Maxie says:

    hell yes, fist pound. I don’t believe in accents. If I can’t type it on a normal keyboard it doesn’t exist.

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