I wrote this on the bus and train

I take a bus to the East 180 train station to catch the 2-train every morning.

Today I was running late (thanks Glenlivet), so I forgot that my monthly pass expired yesterday. This is usually no problem. The bus driver will just let me through cause it’s 6:30am, and who the fuck wants to enforce rules this early. But today it was some other assbag who wouldn’t let me on.

Me: Come on man, I don’t got any change.
Assbag: [flatly] Not my problem.
Me: Fuck You Assbag.

I went down the block and tried to break a $10, but bodega guy told me I had to buy somthing. I grabbed a pack of gum.

I took my change, hopped on the next bus 10min later, and the card machine on that bus was busted!

***Fee Rides, happy St. Patty!***

I wanted to be ironicly mad, but how can you be mad starting the day with Happy St. Patty!

So, now I will spend the rest of the day looking forward to many Whisky Rocks tonight! (what kind of whisky?… all of em!)


4 Responses to I wrote this on the bus and train

  1. Matt says:


    To seeing green panties hit the floor tonight.

  2. i couldn’t get passed the part that you are already on a train to work at 6:30. damn that’s early.

    enjoy all of your whiskey and rocks tonight, you probs should go get one at lunch too.

  3. apollocreed says:

    Don’t forget to tell everyone what happened at the bar.

  4. justjp says:

    From the tweets today it seems you accomplished the set forth mission. Strong work!

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