Party Like A Rock Star!

You know you’ve said it.  It’s ok I have too, but not in a while.

Its time has passed.

It has gone the way of “that’s the bomb”, or “talk to tha hand”, or “that’s too much info!”  It is tired and old everyone says it, and no one means it.

I recently went on Facebook (cause I’m super f’n cool!), and saw that a girl I used to work with added me as a friend.  I noticed on her page she belonged to a group/network called “Party like a rock star!”.  This is a girl who at company happy hour (where all booze is paid for) would nurse a cranberry and vodka all night.

Not parting like a rock star.

If you go out with three other dudes, and bounce from one bar to another, and maybe one of you gets laid…  You are not parting like a rock star.  (even if you did blow, and were up till dawn)

If you went to see a a really good rock band with all your friends, and got all drunk, and ended the night with tremendous sloppy sex with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

You have had a good time, but not partied like a rock star.

Jimi Hendrix made a habit out of scratching up his forehead, putting liquid acid on his bandanna, and tripping his face off for probably days.  He partied like a rock star.

Kid Rock was arrested for assault charges for his part in a drunkin Waffle House melee.  And He married Pam.  He parties like a rock star.

Rock stars throw pianos out of windows, destroy hotel rooms, start the night in LA and wake up in Vegas.  They do things we only dream of, and probably would not want to do on any regular basis.

This saying is like your last relationship:  It may have been good before but it’s over now.

So the next time you hear someone use this saying, and they are refering to a night in witch they will go to an overated club, fight through crowds and doormen to pay way too much for a bottle to look and feel cool, please tell them they are lame.


5 Responses to Party Like A Rock Star!

  1. chris says:

    well said old friend.

  2. ANG* says:

    amazing. you know who’s fault this is right? yep – the shop boyz (with a z). their catchy lil song has kids everywhere spewing that phrase. but i think you knew that.

  3. ANG* says:

    also, welcome back :)

  4. chris – my inspiration.

    dmb5 – never say it again.

    ANG – You know what, i like that song, and thanks for the welcome. I was out parting like a rock star!

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