stopping not quitting

Fourteen years ago I was 14 in Navy Jr R.O.T.C., a drill team commander (with a rank of Ensign, I was the youngest to achieve such a goal). I was well on my way to being a Navy Seal. I was Fucking Determined!

Then I meet my soon to be best friend Chris (Surviving Myself) who introduced me to wonderful world of marijuana.

Holy shit was this stuff better than drill practice!! No push-ups, no yelling! It was just feeling good all the time! Not to mention my social status jumped from ROTC nerd to cool pot head guy who broke the rules and didn’t care about what society had to say. And lets face it in high school the ladies always loved the envelope pushing pot smoking rebel! We became popular over night. In fact, the Senior committee changed the superlative award from best friends to best buds, and dubbed us the class of ’97’s “Cheech and Chong” (I’m not kidding I still have the plaque).

Over the past decade I have been every kind of po thead.

Angry Metal po thead. Peaceful Phish-head po thead. Post college no job loser po thead. Starving artist po thead. And my most recent: functioning addict young professional po thead, who still doesn’t care what society says.

I have done a lot of stuff stoned. More than I would care to mention. Even when my best bud jumped ship like five years ago I staid the course toward Stoner Island (funny thing is Stoner Island is very hard to find, and I lost the map a lot).

But, it’s been so long I’ve forgot who non-pot JP is. So, I’m stopping. Not quitting, but going on a Phish like hiatus for the 4.2o month.

It’s gonna be tough, but at least i still have nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, aderall, coke, xanax, vicodin, and pot.

No, wait. Not pot!


9 Responses to stopping not quitting

  1. Samstyles says:

    Oh yeah, this sounds totally feasible.

  2. dmb5_libra says:

    this sounds familiar…..

  3. apollocreed says:

    cheech and chong baby!!!!

  4. Marcos says:

    I smoke on and on on, ya don’t stop.
    I’m gettin mad fucked up and ya don’t stop.
    To all my real dogs, all my real pals,
    Who ain’t smokin, get the fuck ouut!

  5. Matt says:

    You ever looked at the back of a twenty dollar bill?

    Ever looked at the back of a twenty dollar bill ON POT?

    Boo Chris for quitting and leaving his “best bud” high (no pun intended) and dry.

  6. sam- your words of encouragement will help me through this process.

    dmb- do you know a good support group?

    apollo- for life baby!

    marcos- Read my lips, you ain’t hittin unless you got
    Ten on it, get on it, or get the fuck out my cypher

    matt- it almost ruined our friendship bro!

  7. Allie says:

    Be careful with the use of “Drill team” because at my HS it was an all girl dance team….HAHA!! But don’t worry I did get a nice giggle at the thought of you in a uniform doing line kicks! BWHAHAH!

    ::All Pot smokers stop here::

    QUIT, its for the best! Pot is no bueno and it stinks!

  8. Gooseberried says:

    Why the sudden inspiration to quit?

    I’m dating a guy right now that I’m considering ending things with because he’s such a stoner. It’s annoying that he ditches out on so many plans, accidentally falls asleep and forgets to call me, and seems to care, really, about nothing more. Will this guy ever change? Haha.

  9. im standing behind you in a boxer briefs and a wifebeater while you make breakfast says:

    dude….my world is rocked. I dont which is more surprising….you giving up pot for a month or you having a blog.

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