How bout sellin your shirt?

On the way to happy hour with Chris yesterday we got stopped by a guy.  Now, we both usually know better than to be stopped by a stranger on the street in NYC.  Our mothers told us not to when we moved up.  But this guy was well dressed and opened with

“Im trying to get to Penn Station”…

Now this is bound to hook any NYC transplant because will will not pass up an opportunity to show how much we know about the city.  So there we are eager to impress, and he hits us with…

“Can I have some of your hard earned money?”

or that’s what it sounded like, but anyway this guy had on a very nice outfit, and a hand full of beggin’ change!?!? Now because I’m a royal ass, and Chris is even worse, we never assume this guy has a valid reason to be begging for change.  The fucker had on a nice shirt!!  No way someone with a nicely pressed shirt needs my change.  Fuck off guy!

Sell your leather shoes!


5 Responses to How bout sellin your shirt?

  1. apollocreed says:

    i bet that fucker could’ve made at least $12.37 for those shoes.

  2. angtrig says:

    i’d just like to tell you that your post about girly music that i guess you deleted? made me LOL. thats all :)

  3. dmb5_libra says:

    Haha. You’re hilarious :)

  4. Marcos says:

    My faucets is moen!

  5. apollo- i may have bought them!

    ang- back up just for you!

    dmb- awesome, i agree!

    marc- Wizard!

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