luggage tag night.

This season me and my buddy Keith decided to fulfill childhood dreams of ours.

Knicks season tickets! Well a partial season, 18games altogether. The important thing is that we were there. With these tickets we really are a part of the team. The money we spent in a very indirect way contributes to the better of the team/organization, and we can cheer with even more vigor!

Unfortunately the Knickerbockers gave us nothing to cheer for. Inciting boos in every game we’ve seen, and almost always ending in chants of “FIRE ISIAH!!” They never tried, and it resulted in them being the worst team in the NBA. Disgraceful for a NY franchise.

To add insult to injury the staff at the garden couldn’t be more inept. At the concession stands getting a simple hot dog and a beer was like pulling teeth.

I would order-

me: Foot-long hot-dog and a big Bud. Please.

retard: Do you want a hot dog?

me: Foot-long hot-dog and a big Bud. Please!

retard: Foot-long or jumbo?

me: Foot-long hot-dog and a big Bud. Please!!

retard: Did you want something to drink with that?

by this time I’ve flashed the machete I carry on my waist…

On one Tuesday night we were playing the Charlotte fucking Bobcats and the Garden was a ghost town. Keith and I were kicked out of some nice seats that we moved to from our beat ass seats. The usher made us feel like we were some fuckin bums!

last night was the last straw.

Luggage tag night. That is my thank you for the patronage. That’s my thank you for spending my hard earned money (and lots of it), for cheering hopelessly, for watching no effort bball all season, and for getting shit on by Garden staff!! Not a cool headband, or basketball, no. FUCKING LUGGAGE TAGS!! PLASTIC TAGS!!!! Garbage.

Who decided on this?! What think-tank did this idea float to the top of?!

board-member#1- Well we’re down to luggage tag, envelope, or trash bag night. I’m at a loss.

board-member#2- Um, I all-ready got my luggage tags did you guys?

board-member#3- Yeah, and we can always use the trash bags and envelops, so lets give ’em the leftover tags.

Perfect. Now I have plastic funny smelling Knick luggage tags.

Thanks Jim Dolan.



9 Responses to luggage tag night.

  1. arielle says:

    I totally thought that basketball season was over until I read this post. Professional, that is. I know about all this march madness business.

  2. idontliketoread says:

    ari- wake up, after march madness is nba playoffs, much more bball for you!!

  3. Marcos says:

    Dude, one of Burton’s side brands sells luggage tags for like $20 a pop. Don’t people know that they give out the paper ones for free at the ticket counter?

  4. idontliketoread says:

    marcos- fuck luggage tags!

  5. Allie says:

    Aww…dude, that just sucks! I would be pissed if I were you!
    Thank god I live in Houston!! and the Rockets are kicken a** and taking names!! haha! I’m just sad they ended their winning streak tied in 2nd. Oh well I’m super excited they are having a great season!!

    Please don’t hate on me too bad….I grew up watching the Rockets with my dad, during the 94-95 wins so I love them….cheesy I know!

  6. idontliketoread says:

    allie- well it’s definatly not cheesy repin your team but you’re not winning points with me being that your Rockets beat my Knicks in ’94. but it’s not your fault my team sucks so we’re cool.

  7. apollocreed says:

    Motherfuckin’ Knicks. That’s all I can say. Fuckin motherfuckin Knicks.

  8. Samstyles says:

    The Knicks crack me up. Its too bad you never switched over to the Wizards, cuz this season is awesome. A tight playoff race, beef with LeBron, beard growing contests, and two All-Stars. But at least Stephon Marbury is hilarious.

  9. Gooseberried says:

    Oh no, oh no, oh no! I can no longer read your blog. You like the Knicks! :)

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