College is a time of experimentation.

Sex, drugs, majors (well the schooling part was just an excuse for the parties), and underwear.

Yes, when I was 19 in some drug induced epiphany I decided to make a total change in my daily life.

Boxer Briefs! This will change my life! These things have the support of briefs, but I don’t look like a fucking tool!

For 9 years now the boxer briefs have ruled my life.

Until now! Upon packing for my trip I found myself with no clean undies, and 1hr till my car service arrived. Ahh! I gotta have clean underwear! What will the countless number of beautiful young ladies I bed think of my stinky skivvies?! So I turned to a bag in the corner of my closet where I have been putting the boxer shorts that my mom has bought me for X-mass for the last 9 years (don’t act like your mom doesn’t still give you underwear on X-mass). I put on a pair, and embarked on my journey.

Holy Shit!!! I feel like I was just released from prison! So free and easy! Like a cloud on a breeze in the spring, my cash n prizes were floating all over Charlotte N.C.! I was more productive, less grouchy, just good natured all around.

Long story boxer-short, the days of my miss-spent boxer-brief wearing youth have come to an end.

I am now a man.


10 Responses to underwear.

  1. apollocreed says:

    boxers have always been the way to go man. Unless you’re some weird euro dude who wears prada glasses and gucci shoes.

  2. idontliketoread says:

    apollo- i have prada glasses

  3. idontliketoread says:

    i guess since no one else makes comments i don’t need to put “apollo”

  4. Benjamin says:

    Bahahahahaha long-story boxer-short. 10 pun points.

  5. idontliketoread says:

    ben- yeah, i was proud of that one

  6. ALLIENICOLE says:

    nooo boxer briefs are the sexiesttt!

  7. idontliketoread says:

    allien- yeah, I have been told that, so for the special ocasions I still have my b/b.

  8. Allie says:

    I’m hoping you are not just “now” becoming a man…..please rephrase! haha!jk

    and yes boxer briefs are definitely SEXY!! <–that is if you have a nice @ss and umm… yeah, the other stuff.

    Glad you broke out for the time being…enjoy!

  9. but… but…
    they’re so.. nice! It’s the stuff walking-around-the-men’s-departments-with-your-best-friend-just-so-you-could-walk-down-the-underwear-aisle-full-of-inapporiate-commentary moments are made of!

    *sigh* oh well,
    swing free my friend

  10. Samstyles says:

    Boxers? That’s ridiculous. You want freedom? Go commando, buddy. I started in 9th grade, and have never looked back.

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