I’m back baby!

Well. A whole week in the south, and now im back in The good o’l Boogie Down Bx.

I gotta say I really enjoyed being in Charlotte. It’s similar to NY, in one way: in the city everyone is a transplant.

Other than that not much was the same.

No corner bodegas, not much ethnicity, you have to drive everywhere. But, the one thing that really took me off guard was that everyone so so damned friendly!

The lady at the parking gate of the hotel always had a weather report for me, and some sort of friendly fact: “If your social security # starts with a 2 you get your return in the first week of May this year”…smiles.

On my way into the office, and around town in general I was greeted by everyone I crossed paths with: “Good morning/afternoon/evening!” smiles… “Great day today!”… smiles “What floor did you need?!”… smiles. Cab driver: “Where can I take you good folks tonight?” “Yes sir!”… smiles “Thank you smiles, smile smiles!… “CAN I JUMP IN FRONT OF A CAR FOR YOU SIR SMILES SMILES SMILES!!!!”

Anyone living in NY knows this to be true about our city: “Nice, but not friendly”, and a lot of the time not nice, so at first I was very put off. Almost angry.

Do I really have to say “Hiee!, smiles” to every person I see? I mean dear god even at 7:15am before my first coffee?? I did not think I was gonna make it.

But. I don’t know if it was the weather (15 degrees hotter on average) or just their general good nature, but by the time I left I was the happiest friendliest mutherfucker in Charlotte. “You first ma’am!” “Thank you kindly Sir!” “Can I help any of you good folks with anything, SMILES?!!”

Of course back in MY city when I said “Hello sir!” to my cabby on the way home, I was greeted with a gruff, “Yeah, whadda you want chief.”

“To Tha Bronx boss!!!”

Ahh, home sweet home…


2 Responses to I’m back baby!

  1. apollocreed says:

    I’m glad you’re back, if you would’ve tried to pull that friendly shit with me I would never talk to you again.

  2. *Coop* says:

    LOL! glad you got a taste of some southern hospitality. it’s not so bad.
    Wandered over from ‘surviving myself’.

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