Breakfast with no hog.

Today has to be a good day.  I’m flying to Charlotte N.C., for my first business trip.

I felt starting the day on the right foot was imperative.  But how?

Ice Cube, Today was a Good Day!!

By the way this song is exactly 4min 20 sec.  Perfect!

No bad can come when this song enters your life.  As a matter of fact even discussion of this songs brings smiles to peoples faces.

I’ll bet you’re smiling right now.

Last night me Apollo n peeps were out drinking.  We started the Good Day/Cube discussion, and there was an uproar!  Unanimous agreement across the board inspiring the pub manager to put on the song and let all of us enjoy Saturday night just a bit more.

You see, all it takes for Cube to have a good day is not using his AK…

All it takes for me is to hear that song.

…and it read JP’s a pimp…


2 Responses to Breakfast with no hog.

  1. apollocreed says:

    that manager totally redeemed himself by putting on the cube.

  2. Trash says:

    Dude have fun in NC- blog the journey brah!!

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