I went to happy hour with my company a few days ago.  We had the back half of this bar reserved.  Upon walking in a frazzled looking employee of the bar ran up to us, and said- “if you don’t check your coats you wont find a place to sit!”.  What?!  Am I gonna get soo hot in my coat that my vision blurs, and I loose the ability to recognise an empty seat?!  That confused me.   Two weeks ago I was at a bar with Apollo, and we over heard some beef.  These guys were in each others faces when one guy says to the other- “I’m gonna elbow you in the face with my fist!!”  Priceless.    


5 Responses to huh?

  1. Yeah boy! says:

    I hope you have room for my fist in your stomach because im going to ram it down your throat!

  2. idontliketoread says:

    yeah boy- I have been dieting, and I don’t think that your fist will help me keep my figure.

  3. I love to elbow people in the face with my’s the thing to do now..

  4. apollocreed says:

    damn dude, you made an enemy.

  5. idontliketoread says:

    nyc-i’m outta the loop.

    aollo-that’s what i do son!

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