Public Display of AirGuitar!

That’s right children, I’m that guy.  You know, your on the train, maybe on line at the store.  there’s always “that dude”.  He’s whaling on the pocket of his Levis with his right hand,  the left hand is spazing while the fingers are twitching.  He has the ipod on, and he could care less who witnesses his orgasmic air solo face.

This is me.

The other morning I found myself in some post drug induced haze at 7:30am on the corner of 38th and 7th fucking shredding a Dave Mustaine solo on Symphony of Destruction!  A truly rad way to start the day!

Life is really too short to hold back that type feeling.

And I know, you don’t like metal.  Maybe it’s  some sick Jigga hook spinning between you ears, and can’t help bobbin your head.  Or perhaps the gods have smiled on you.  Prince has just become audible at the grocery store and you just cant stop your self from freaking the cilantro.  Cause we all know there’s something sexy about cilantro.

The point is: Just rock when you wanna.  Don’t let the dirty looks, sneers, jeers, or even the tomatoes tossed at your head keep you from expressing yourself!


5 Responses to P.D.A

  1. Bonnie says:

    hehehe, I am the same, cept I bop my head around with the ipod on.

  2. apollocreed says:

    never has there been a man who can resist the shredding on “symphony of destruction.”

  3. Emma says:

    You are a braver individual than I. Keep on PDA-ing!

  4. idontliketoread says:

    bonnie- yep, the head bob is exactly what i’m talkin about!

    creed- Dave Mustaine is a shredding god!

    emma- you must release your inner PDA!!

  5. Deutlich says:

    I’m that chick. Seriously. And I don’t give a flyin’ fuck who stares.

    They can all bite me.

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