case and point

photo-31.jpgOk ok, I know it’s been a week, and I’m new to the blogosphere so you (and by you I mean my millions of my fans) may be questioning my dedication.  Well you should!  I really never finish anything I start, so just hang in there and we can break the cycle together.  Anyway, these two fuckers illustrate my point.  Also I can’t believe I took this picture with out either one of them knowing.  So have some brocclie with beef bitches.


2 Responses to case and point

  1. apollocreed says:

    nasty motherfuckers. You know wordpress has a spell check right?

  2. Yeah boy! says:

    The idiom is:

    “case in point”-an example which shows that what you are saying is true or helps to explain why you are saying it.

    ex.”Elliott is one of the best rappers around, and her new album is a case in point.”

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